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If you are in need of high quality, dependable, and affordable lithium ion cells for your DIY projects, we specialize in the reclaiming process and our focus on customer satisfaction sets us apart from any other provider. We start the process by obtaining the cells from sources such as Medical Packs, Laptop battery Packs, Power Tools, and other high end devices. The cells are then put them through a series of tests checking for capacity and voltage so that they can be reused in DIY projects such as Powerwalls, Portable Power Packs, Ebikes, Power Tools, UPS’s, Toys, and many other devices.   

The owner of the company and what motivated him to start the business. 

From its inception, Power 2 Spare has blazed its own trail by going above and beyond with customer satisfaction while also developing testing procedures that ensure the cells we obtain are up to our levels of acceptance. 

After an EF4 tornado ripped through our owners neighborhood and left the entire area without power for over 7 days. He embarked on a quest to provide a battery backup system or Powerwall for his house. 

First 10kWh Powerwall

He was able to secure multiple sources for the prized 18650 cells for his build, and saw that there was a large group of likeminded people who wanted to build their own DIY Powerwall.  However, the one thing he found lacking in other suppliers was proper testing or even any testing at all in some cases of the cells before reselling them. Not one to wait for another company to come along and develop such testing techniques, he decided to start such a business up himself and put a focus on quality and customer satisfaction over everything else. Still today, he relies on Power 2 Spare’s cells and is currently building a 75kWh DIY Powerwall with an average cell capacity of 3250mAh.    

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