Do It Yourself Project Submission

Do you have an idea that you think could make the process of building a Powerwall, Portable power pack, Testing Cells, Charging packs, Building Packs or some other worth while product but don’t have the support structure, financial resources to build a prototype, how to start or how to grow it into a business?   

At Power 2 Spare we want to nurture those who have great ideas for making our community bigger and better than ever, by: 

∙ Evaluating your idea for potential market value
∙ Providing patent searches
∙ Assisting with the discovery process
∙ Assisting with the development process
∙ Providing financial resources
∙ Assisting in the Manufacturing process
∙ Promotion and Distribution services 

With Power 2 Spare, you don’t have to worry about sharing your idea with us.  Prior to any exchange of information, we will send you our proprietary Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, which not only protects us and the information we share, but ensures that your idea remains your idea!  If you think you have the next best DIY self help product that everyone is going to want, please contact us at to get started!  




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