Shipping Policy and Guidelines

When we ship out "Tested Cells", they are put into a double walled locking box, with a 100 cell slot divider for each cell to keep them separated during transport.  Then that box is put into a Master carton for shipping.  

When we ship out Packs for Cell harvesting by you, we put the raw packs into a Master Carton and provide shipping peanuts if needed for transport.  

We ship to the Lower 48 of the United States only.  Once a shipment has reached its final listed destination address within the United States, Power 2 Spare, LLC obligation as far as shipping of lithium ion batteries will be complete. All warning labels regarding the transport of Lithium Ion batteries will be void after the cargo has reached its final destination within the lower 48 of the United States.  

If for some reason the final destination address forwards the cargo onto another destination, Power 2 Spare, LLC cannot be held responsible for any mishandling of the cargo, nor any damage to the cargo during this cargo transfer.  Any fines or penalties incurred will be brought against the original purchaser along with legal documents associated with any international violation. 

In both instances, we provide ground shipping and/or Air Cargo shipping labels with tracking information along with UN3480 Lithium Ion warning labels with our credentials while the package is in transport.   

These guidelines ensure the product you receive from us will be undamaged and will maintain a safe shipping status for all shipping carriers while in their possession and the product will arrive to you in a good working state.

If you choose to return the item for possible refund or exchange, you MUST follow the same guidelines for shipping the product back to us as mandated by the Department of Transportation for shipping Lithium Ion Batteries.  Failure to follow these shipping rules will result in a forfeit of all rights of a refund or exchange, which ever the case may be.