These are a mix of genuine LGDAS31865 / NCR18650A IHR18650 / ICR18650M / NCR18650BF, 18650 cells from Medical Packs manufactured between 2015 and 2017.  These brands are well known and trusted.  All cells used in medical equipment of are the highest standard and quality and were capacity tested twice between 

2600mAh to 2699mAh!   

All of our electrical equipment and cells are tested and charged with 100% Clean Green Solar Power!

Out of the pack Voltage: 3.4 to 4.05V

Capacity Tested Twice for Verification and Quality Control

Each allotment sits for over a week and voltage is rechecked prior to packaging

Random Sample from each allotment is capacity checked prior to packaging


The cells came out of medical devices and because medical devices MUST function at a higher standard, the battery packs are cycled through to prevent any type of problem before it is a problem. We go through each pack and remove the spot welds, and clean as much as we can of the special caulking that is used in medical packs. We are not always able to remove all of it because the caulking can damage the sleeves, a majority of the cells will have to be re-sleeved. Some of the sleeves are the light green sleeves that are only temporary and some have been re-sleeved by us, but rest assured they are the brands listed in the description. 

Therefore we are including 100 Dark Blue sleeves with each purchase FREE of charge so that you may have a uniformed look to your build! 

We also include 2 extra FREE cells as a “just in case” any of the other cells fail, you have an instant replacement.  No other seller on eBay stands behind their products up front like this!

These genuine cells are packaged in custom double walled boxes with each cell in its own space protected from all the other cells during transport, and then shipped within a Master Carton for added protection.


Our owner is also a DIY powerwall builder and wants to share the vast number of cells he has with other DIY’ers at prices only large companies get on volume purchases.  These low prices enables the DIY’er to get the quality product they need to finish their project in a timely manner!

US Lower 48 orders only, No international shipping at this time.  No US Global Mailing addresses either, sorry. 


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