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Ensuring a quality end product begins with who we obtain them from and what they were used for initially. 

Power 2 Spare reclaims lithium ion power cells from medical grade devices that meet our guidelines which helps to ensure a quality end-product that is dependable and safe.  We specialize in 18650 cells with capacity ranges from 1500mAh up to 2999mAh and manufactured between 2012 to 2018.  The devices and components we extract the cells from are from trusted name brands such as LG, Panasonic, Sanyo and Molicel.  We do not settle for anything less in sourcing our base products as we know our customers would not settle on an inferior product. 

It’s important to understand that these reclaimed power sources are purposefully removed from service very prudently and well ahead of any expiration date and in most cases showed no signs of wear or abuse that would otherwise be the end of their lifespan.   The process of cycling out power cells in medical devices is important as the users of these devices depend on them greatly and cannot risk any issues with the power source failing.

We operate our business with a non-wavering focus on providing a quality product every step of the way while also going above and beyond in customer services. 

We manually inspect and refurbish each power cell, starting with removing any spot welds as best we can and completely cleaning the special caulking that is used in the devices they were obtained from. This caulking is quite sticky and there are instances during the process of removing the cells where the caulking can damage the cell sleeves.  Unfortunately, this is unavoidable and there may be some cells in your order with holes or tears in the sleeves.  While this does not affect the performance of the battery in any way, we have a solution we hope can rectify most cases.   

Each order contains 100 Dark Blue sleeves at no extra charge.   That’s right, we send a sleeve for every 18650 cell Free of charge in the shipment so that you can keep a uniformed look to your build!   

Complimentary extra 18650 cells in every order – just in case! 

Another way we try to alleviate any potential hassle or time spent resolving bad cells that arrive in your shipment is we include 2 additional complimentary 18650 cells of the same capacity as a “just in case” level of protection. In the unfortunate case where 1 or 2 of the cells in the order are not performing properly, you will have instant replacements!  This simple effort provides you peace of mind that we care about the product we sell and that your complete satisfaction is our main goal. The added bonus is that if none of the cells have failed, then you end up with a bonus of 2 extra cells to add to your build!  It’s worth it to us to help ensure your 18650 cells are all functioning as expected and there are no issues with your order. 

At Power 2 Spare, we believe in coming up with creative ways of implementing forward thinking solutions that leads to improved customer satisfaction overall. 


Our testing equipment and procedures to ensure a safe and high quality product. 

Power 2 Spare’s headquarters has a whooping 9000W solar array on its roof and all of our electrical equipment and cells are capacity tested and charged with 100% Clean Green Solar Power!   

Our initial testing starts with verifying the voltage of the cell just out of the pack which is normally 3.4 to 4.05V. Discharge testing conducted on our turbo fan modified OPUS BT C3100 v2.2 units at 1000mAh and an onboard setting of 4.2V

Recharging is conducted via multiple Charging Stations at 1000mAh using TP4056 chips. The cells are monitored during charging and discharging testing to prevent overheating. If any cell goes above a normal use temperature of 125F or 51.6C then the cell is rejected from testing. 

After the second capacity testing, each allotment sits for over a week and voltage is rechecked prior to packaging. A random sample is taken from each allotment and re-capacity checked prior to packaging as well. Upon completion of the second test cycle we document the lowest capacity of the cell on each cell.  This ensures we over deliver the highest capacity 18650 cells and charge you for the lower capacity tested.

OPUS Turbo Fan Mod
vs Stock Fan Capacity Testing

OPUS Turbo Fan Mod Reorientation Capacity Testing

If a cell fails any of our tests we don’t try and save it, we send it out our recyclers. 

Power 2 Spare is the leader in developing and implementing rigorous testing protocols for the reclaimed 18650 cells on the market.  We take pride in our efforts to ensure you receive the highest quality cells for your project! 

  • Initial Voltage Check must be between: 3.4 to 4.05V 
  • All Discharge testing conducted on OPUS BT C3100 v2.2  
  • All Recharge testing conducted on multiple Charging Stations using TP4056 chips 
  • Cells are monitored during charge and discharge testing to prevent overheating with Perfect Prime IR0018 Infrared Thermal Imager
  • Standing Voltage must be no less than 4.15V and that no cell show signs of self discharging 



Your order is carefully packed with protection in mind during shipping. 

All of our cells are packaged in custom double walled boxes with each cell is placed in a divider, meaning it is in its own space protected from all the other cells during transport and placed inside of a separate shipping container that is filled with biodegradable packing material.  This ensures that the product you order has the highest amount of protection during transport and arrives with no damage.  

Each inner box is clearly marked with the mAh rating range ordered and the 100 Dark Blue Sleeves and 2 extra Cells that we provide for FREE are affixed to the outside of the inner box.   

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