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Bringing power to DIY projects that require high quality lithium ion power cells.

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We offer high quality, fully tested, reclaimed lithium ion cells

At Power 2 Spare, we specialize in obtaining quality lithium ion cells, reclaiming them from high end medical industry devices. Medical pack are taken out of service long before they reached the end of their life cycle.  Because of this we are able to reclaim the 18650’s from them with very high capacity and very few cycles on the cells. 

Before any of our reclaimed products are made available for purchase, we manually inspect each and every one and use various tests to check for voltage, and capacity. Once the cell has gone through multiple voltage and capacity tests, then it is made ready for purchase in our Online Store where you can then purchase them securely. Our lithium ion cells are commonly used by our customers for Do It Yourself projects such as Powerwalls, Portable Power Packs, Ebikes, Power Tools, UPS’s, Toys, and many other devices. 

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